InLei® Form1

Item number: 9014


defines, nourishes, thickens and strengthens the lash structure, gives color and shine to our client's lashes
Clinically proven efficiency in collaboration with the prestigious university institute in Milan. Use only with fixative In Lei® "FIX 2". The highly effective formula of the permanent In Lei® "FORM 1" works safely and gently on your client's eyelashes

Does not damage the eyelashes

The alkaline pH of this product allows us to open the cuticles of the hair in a fast and refined way, without damaging it and preparing it for the next fixing substance. Designed to work perfectly together in the LASH FILLER process, guaranteeing reliable and proven results!

The bottles close well so that you protect the product against external factors

The primary packaging is designed in such a way that there is no spillage of the substance and the closure of the small screw bottle ensures that you seal the product properly and protect it from external factors

The processing times depend on the natural lashes

Processing times depend on the natural lashes: 6/8/10 or 12 minutes. The stiffer the eyelashes are, the longer the exposure time. To be able to estimate this properly, a lash lifting course is important!