Item number: 9029

Created from the need to find a universe intermediate form.

Welcome to the wonderful world of InLei®, which is always evolving and galloping towards the innovation to anticipate and meet all the demands of the experts in this field. Inlei® Forma was created from the need to find a universe in-between form between InLei® Only and Only1 shields (natural curl and dolly curl).

The shield can also be used without glue

The surface that comes in direct contact with the skin is glossy to improve adhesion to the skin.
In some cases, the shield can be used without glue. If the skin is irregular then we use glues.

There are 2 matte and 2 sets in the box

The box contains 4 pairs of shields, 2 of which are glossy and 2 matte. Made from the highest quality 100% hypoallergenic platinum silicone. Can be decontaminated with InLei® F Plus and sterilized in an autoclave.


The shields are especially suitable for:

  • Extremely long eyelashes
  • Extremely short eyelashes
  • Almond shaped eyes
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Big bulging eyes
  • sunken eyes
  • Eyelashes that are already curled on their own
  • Eyes where both corners need a good lift due to downward growing lashes

We can therefore say that the InLei® Forma shields also help all difficult eye shapes.

The placement of the lotion determines the curl

Because the shields are universal, you no longer have to deal with different sizes, but you can change the curl with the placement of the lotion. Quite simply, if you make the lotion a little wider, you will get a more intense curl. Think 6mm race. If you apply the lotion a little less wide, think of 4 mm, then the curl will be a little less intense. The distance from the lotion to the eyelid remains 1-2 mm.