Air Quality Monitor 3in1

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1. Professional Precision Sensor Adopts NDIR carbon dioxide sensor, only needs 1.5s to reflect to sample air, professionally ensure the precision and professionalism for detecting needs. 3 facial expression icons display air quality from healthy to unhealthy to notify you of proper window opening and ventilation, ensuring you always live in the most comfortable environment.

2. Portable Air Quality Monition. This smart air quality monitor measures 3 key air quality indexes: carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. Real-time data monitoring shows the quality of environment, convenient to use. After receiving the goods, please fully charge the device first.

3. Simple & Fast Setup. No complicated app or Wi-Fi required. The alarm threshold can be adjusted between 800 and 2000ppm by double clicking "M". If the CO2 concentration exceeds the set alarm value (default setting is 1000ppm), an alarm will be issued immediately.

4. USB Rechargeable Battery. This carbon dioxide monitor has a built-in 1600mAh lithium battery as a backup power source (after the battery is fully charged, the battery life is up to 24 hours) and comes with a USB charging cable. It is recommended to connect to the power supply for long-term testing.


Name: CO2 Measuring Device
Size: about 112*68*66mm/4.41*2.68*2.60 inch
Display mode: normal screen display
Atmospheric pressure: about 86Kpa-106Kpa
CO2 detection method: infrared (NDIR)
Sampling time: about 1.5 seconds
Detection temperature: about -10℃-50℃;
Relative humidity: about 20%-85%
Storage temperature: about -10°C- 60°C;
CO2 concentration unit: PPM
Power supply: lithium battery, 1600 mA (5V DC power charging via micro USB port)

Measuring range: 400-5000PPM
Resolution: 1 PPM
Measuring range: about -10-50℃
Humidity range: about 20%-85% RH
Measurement accuracy: ±1°C
Measurement accuracy: ±4% RH
CO2 sensor: infrared (NDIR)

Package includes:
1* CO2 detector
1* USB charging cable
1* User manual