Sher Lashes C-Curl

Item number: 1012-0001

Wonderland by Alicja Sher Lashes

Wonderland by Alicja proudly presents her first lash line "Sher Lashesh".

Sher Lashes has been selected and tested by our Alicja Bieniek.


Sher Lashes with a thickness of:

0.05mm is suitable for Mega Volume.

0.06mm is suitable for mega volumes (4-8D)

0.07mm is suitable for light volumes (3-4D)

 0.10mm is suitable for One by One & 2D

0.12&0.15mm are suitable for One by One.




Box has 16 strips

1x6mm,2x7mm, 2x8mm, 2x9mm, 2x10mm, 2x11mm, 2x11mm,1x12mm

Extra information:

This extension is suitable for soft effect.

  1. Curl Type: The C-curl gets its name because it creates a curl that resembles the letter "C" when viewed from the side. It offers a more noticeable lift and curl compared to other curl types like the B-curl (which provides a more subtle, natural curl).

  2. Dramatic Effect: C-curl eyelash extensions are often chosen by individuals who want a dramatic, wide-eyed look. The pronounced curl opens up the eyes and creates a more glamorous appearance.

  3. Versatility: While the C-curl is known for its dramatic effect, it can still be tailored to achieve a range of looks. You can customize the length and thickness of the extensions to create a unique style that suits your preferences.

  4. Eye Shape: The C-curl can complement various eye shapes, but it is particularly popular for individuals with downturned or hooded eyes as it helps lift and open up the eye area.

  5. Maintenance: Like all eyelash extensions, C-curl extensions require regular maintenance. Natural lashes shed, and the extensions will gradually fall out over time. To keep your lashes looking full, you'll need to schedule touch-up appointments every few weeks to replace lost extensions.