InLei® Delicate Mouse Cleaner for eyebrows, lashes and face

Item number: 9001

The Inlei cleanser is a soft foaming mousse and is oil-free, contains aloe extract and is perfect for cleaning the eyelashes, eyebrows or face. The foams are designed to be used while wearing eyelash extensions so also ideal for home use.

This foam can be used on the entire face due to its special soft formula.

How to use: a single pump of foam on the fingers and gently massage into the eyelash- line or eyebrows. When wearing eyelash extensions, we recommend a brush so that you gently pass between the eyelashes. Rinse with cool lukewarm water.

The addition of aloe extract moisturizes, protects and nourishes the skin and hair

Aloe extract strengthens and nourishes the hair. The foam does not sting the eyes and easily cleans away all sebum, make-up residues and dust.