InLei® Total silicone shields (8sizes mixed)

Item number: 9019

InLei® "TOTAL" - silicone shields mixed

All 8 sizes in one box, which is of course super handy! This way you always have the right shield at hand for every customer. Make sure that the eyelashes reach at least half of the bulge, but do not get over the bulge of the shield.

Use it with Lash Filler products to make the hair thicker and more visible in just three treatments

The shields are made of Platinum silicone (unique)! You can clean the shields in a heat sterilisator or with the Inlei disinfection line. Platinum silicone is hypoallergenic, delicate and soft, unique, flexible heat resistant and super strong.

The ONE1 line is recommended with deep eyes

The ONLY1 line gives a very nice lift and is similar to a C curl. This means that you can also offer the right lift for customers with deep eyes, drooping eyelids and bulbous eyes without giving it too much curl. Also, some customers like not to get an extreme lift right away.

InLei® silicone shields non-deformable, resistant, soft, smooth and enveloping

Their shape completely envelops the client's eye without giving feelings of annoyance, without aggravating it and without stabbing.