Item number: 9030

InLei® "LamiCa Gel" a water-soluble glue that makes all lashes adhere

LamiCa Gel (water-soluble glue) is a glue designed to glue natural lashes to the silicone shields, its adhesive power is able to perfectly adhere both thin and thick lashes.

Creates a thin film that allows all substances to easily penetrate the hair

Creates a thin film that allows substances to easily penetrate the hair, altering curl and/or thickness. Ideal for InLei® brand LASH FILLER treatments.

Although the LamiCa Gel sticks well, it is also very easy to remove.

This glue is very nice to work with because the hairs stick well to the silicone shields, but it is just as important that it is also easy to remove at the end of the treatment. With a little bit of damp applicator or microbrush you can remove all glue residues.

What is the difference with the Fixing Gel?

Fixing Gel requires more precision, while LamiCa Gel allows more time for corrections before complete drying. Even at the level of perception, when you place the working tools on the surface with glue, each movement is guided in a different way. Every professional artist has different good manual skills, so our advice is to experiment with both. Only in this way can you understand which glue suits you best.