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Wonderland by Alicja Sher Lashes

Wonderland by Alicja proudly presents her first lash line "Sher Lashesh".

Sher Lashes has been selected and tested by our Alicja Bieniek.

Sher Lasesh with a thickness of:

0.05mm is suitable for mega volumes (+5D)

0.06mm is suitable for mega volumes (4-8D)

0.07mm is suitable for light volumes (3-4D)

0.10mm is suitable for One by One & 2D

0.12mm is suitable for One by One.

0.15mm is suitable for One by One.




Box has 16 strips

1x6mm, 2x7mm, 2x8mm, 2x9mm, 2x10mm, 2x11mm, 2x11mm, 1x12mm

Extra information:

This extension is suitable for soft effect.

The "D" in D-curl stands for "dramatic," which gives you a hint about the kind of look these extensions are designed to achieve.

D-curl extensions are known for their intense curl. They provide a noticeable upward and dramatic lift to the lashes, which can make the eyes appear more open and awake. This curl type is ideal for individuals who want a bold and glamorous look.

While D-curl lashes are known for their drama, they can still be customized to achieve a more natural or bold look, depending on the client's preferences. Lash technicians can adjust the length, thickness, and spacing of the extensions to create a personalized look.