The vegan revolution is here: InLei® LASH FILLER 25.9 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the work of lamimakers.We always start from the assumption that to perform a professional treatment, it is necessary to attend a proper and qualified course, such as those offered by our Academy.

We often receive calls from professionals who have attended courses at schools that turned out not to be in line with their expectations. Or clients who need some clarifications because they are new to the sector and are confused about certain topics. In order to constantly improve the national service in the lamimaker sector, we are now proposing a written protocol for the updated Lash Filler 25.9 treatment. First of all...


  • We have introduced a smart eyelash washing step, which does not affect either curl or thickening but on the contrary fixes the products previously applied during the treatment and protects the curl. This step makes it possible to: reduce the risk of allergies to the lamination treatment or to eyelash/eyebrow dye and to speed up the entire treatment by 15 to 20 minutes. This is a significant advantage in the daily life of a lamimaker.
  • at the end of treatment we added molecular reconstruction. We do not use an aftercare product that is aggressive as a 'conclusion' to the treatment. Instead, we have a professional reconstruction that has many other benefits. In the past, we applied the filler as the last step and we now reinforce this step with the Lashmolecular 4
  • the formulation of InLei® Lash Filler 3 has been upgraded. It has become even more powerful, but more importantly, vegan. The product is  VEGANOK certified
  • clinical tests were conducted at a scientific institute in Milan which proved the effectiveness and showed that the results in terms of thickening and lengthening exceeded the classic Lash Filler line. This time the tests were much more complex and in-depth.

In the meantime... let's go!


1. ANALYSE THE CLIENT'S EYES AND HER NATURAL LASHES to be able to choose the most appropriate shields to achieve the desired effect on her eye type. You can choose from the wide range of InLei® shields:

  • "perfect curl" line: rounded shields for the most dramatic doll effect
  • "natural curl" line : classic line recognisable by the number 1 next to the letter, for more natural lifting at the root
  • Forma universal shield, which can be adapted to different lash lengths

Important: During the treatment, the client's eyes and eyelashes must be healthy, without redness/irritation and ongoing allergies. The customer's make-up must of course be removed thoroughly.

2. CLEANSE the lashes and the entire area around the eyes with an InLei® Oil Free Mousse (e.g. InLei® Mousse Aloe Vera). Apply InLei® InPatch or InLei® eye Pad under the eyes to lock the lower lashes and protect the skin. Prepare lashes for treatment with InLei® Saline Pretreatment by carefully passing an InLei® Minions microbrush soaked in saline water over both sides of the lashes.

 3. APPLY THE SHIELD ON THE EYELID AND POSITION THE LASHES ON THE SHIELD with the help of InLei® Fixing Gel water-soluble glue (for those who prefer a softer, more mouldable glue we recommend InLei® Lamica Gel). Use the InLei® Fillering and InLei® Helper tools to create the right tension and place the lashes in a parallel way, without any overlapping between one hair and the next.

4. PLACE THE FIRST SOLUTION InLei® LASH FORM 1- eyelash perm 1.5/2 mm from the root of the lashes using the InLei® Vincent cat's tongue brush (or InLei® Leonardo or InLei® Raffaello as preferred). Spread a thin layer of product without applying it to the tips. Leave on for 6 to 14 minutes depending on the structure and porosity of the lashes. When the time is over, remove the product.

5. PLACE THE SECOND SOLUTION InLei® LASH FIX 2 - eyelash fixing following the same procedure as in the previous step and leave it on for half the time +1 minute. When the time is over, remove the product.

6. PREPARE InLei® TINT by mixing the desired colour with the oxidant InLei® Developer Cream 1.5% 5 vol. in a 1:1 ratio. Mix with a spatula until you obtain a creamy consistency. Apply the colour over the entire length of the lashes, from the roots to the tips, using the InLei® Vincent brush. Leave on for 6 to 12 minutes depending on the hair type. When the time is over, remove the tint with the help of a brush.

7. APPLY InLei® LASH FILLER 3 using the InLei® Picasso brush and spread the product with quick movements in order to clean off most of the dye and/or glue residues. Let the solution penetrate until completely absorbed. For an even more precise and clean work, we recommend brushing the root area with an InLei® Softies microfibre-tipped brush soaked in Lash Filler 3.

8. FINAL CLEANING WITH InLei® MOUSSE MAGICA - professional shampoo for eyelashes and eyebrows. Fill the InLei® Barolo bowl with water and dispense a knob of mousse into the InLei® Solo bowl. Wet the InLei® Fernando brush and use it to take a small amount of mousse. Meticulously clean off any dye residue and dissolve the water-soluble glue until the shield is removed. Rinse the area.

NOTE: To obtain the correct consistency of the mousse, it is recommended to shake the bottle and turn it upside down during dispensing.

9. APPLY InLei® LASH MOLECULAR 4 - molecular reconstruction for eyelashes and eyebrows. Apply InLei® Lash Molecular 4 to the lashes with the help of an InLei® F-Brush and continue combing until fully absorbed. Molecular reconstruction does not require rinsing.

Et Voilà! According to the clinical tests carried out, if the protocol is followed correctly, the effectiveness of the treatment is guaranteed.

Efficacy tests have shown extraordinary results: 25 % thickening and 9 % lengthening in three subsequent treatments carried out about 4 to 5 weeks apart.

But that's not the end of the story: the client cannot go home empty-handed, because with daily use of the InLei® Adiutrix eyelash serum, we achieve even more miraculous results: 28% thickening and 12% lengthening, again guaranteed by the tests performed.

Despite our detailed explanation of the protocol, I have to tell you that it is impossible to describe every manual step in words and we recommend that you attend a professional course, as this is NOT a DIY treatment. Don't trust the endless videos on Tik Tok, because the professionals then have to correct the damage that girls do to themselves and we often see really tragic situations. Trust the professionals and you will never stop being amazed by the wonderful results that the 100% Made in Italy brand InLei® offers!

With love for each hair,

Inlei® Family Netherlands