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Incredibly revolutionary treatment that has expanded even further plus the vision of eyebrow shaping!

InLei® Brow Bomber is a professional treatment of the eyebrows, which nourish the hair with maximum nutritional value. InLei® Brow Bomber is a complete treatment based on a delicate permanent color and hair nutrition.

InLei® BROW LIFT 1 contains special ingredients that positively influence the process

Solution 1 (Brow Lift - permanent for eyebrows), of the Brow Bomber treatment, contains special ingredients that positively influence the effectiveness of the process, such as: glycerine and vitamin E that protect the skin during the permanent process.

The liquids have a creamy consistency, making the treatment both lying and sitting.

Brow Lift - permanent for eyebrows and InLei® Brow Lock 2 - eyebrow fixation, they have a creamy consistency that allows you to wrap every hair perfectly without risking eye or surrounding skin. This means that you can also carry out the treatment while your customer is sitting up straight.

The treatment is visible for 4-6 weeks

The brow lift is visible for 4-6 weeks depending on the skin and hair type and the customer's aftercare. The treatment disappears due to the loss of hair that gives way to new hairs. Always clean the eyebrows well before starting the treatment.

Apply the liquid evenly to all hair with a brus

The exposure times depend on the type of hair. Always apply the product evenly with a brush and remove with a dry cotton pad.

  • Fine hair 6-8 min.
  • Medium hair 8-10 min
  • Thick hair 10-12 min


Reducing agents, e.g Ammonium thiolycolate, Ammonium thiolactate, Cysteine HCI, Sodium metabilsulfite, Sodium sulfite, Alkaline agents, Diammonium dithiodiglycolate, Silicones, silanes, Additional ingredients (e.g. emulsifying agents), Anionic/ non- ionic7 amphoteric surfactants, Cationc surfactants, Anionic/cationc polymers, Hair conditioning agents, parfum, colorants, Opacifying agents, Chelating agents, Aqua